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    If you need a pump for a short period of time hire lease is always and option to keep things simple
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  • Varimix Mixing Unit for Anti-Freeze
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    Test your hoses anywhere on site with this portable and versatile test rig. These units are made to order and can run pressures over 10,000 psi / 690 bar!

  • £225.00

    Quarter inch Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pump, constructed in Polypropylene with Santoprene elastomers.

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  • £635.00

    1" inch classic Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pump constructed in Aluminium with Nitrile (Geolast) elastomers and Acetal valve seat balls.

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  • £2,295.00

    Inch and a half ARO diaphragm pump constructed in Stainless Steel with Santoprene diaphragms in a robust bolted construction.   P.C.L. FITTING NOT INCLUDED IN FINAL PRICE

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  • £495.00

    Half inch EXP Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pump with a single piece manifold, constructed in Polypropylene with PTFE Teflon elastomers. This pump also features Stainless Steel piston plates. This pump is sold unboxed but as new.

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  • £650.00

    1" inch classic Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pump constructed in Aluminium with Neoprene elastomers.

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  • £460.00

    Half inch Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pump constructed in Polypropylene with Polyurethane diaphragms and balls.

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  • £1,495.00

    Inch Wilden diaphragm pump constructed in Stainless steel, with a Groundable Acetal center section and PTFE diaphragms in Wilden advanced bolted construction.

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  • £795.00

    One inch EXP series ARO diaphragm pump. Built in Polypropylene with Santoprene elastomers, Flanged outlet/inlet ports and a Polycarbonate center section.   This pump meets 94/9/EC ATEX Approval. Available with Air Inlet Protection Kit.

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Air Pumping Ltd.

35 Years of Pumping Expertise

Air Pumping Ltd. has been in the air operated pumping industry since 1979, during which time we have had experience in the design, application and usage of double diaphragm pumps and air tools in a large proportion of situations, and across the majority of the available brands.

We supply and hire air pumps to customers for many of the major manufacturers in the industry. Coupled with our leading knowledge and long standing experience this makes us a first choice for distributors of all pumps. We're proud to be able to offer you great prices on Wilden Pump, Ingersoll Rand / ARO, Blagdon, Graco, DEPA, SandPIPER, Yamada, VersaMATIC, Verdair, and Sotera pumps, and delivered to your premises next day. This also includes kits, spares, diaphragms, valve seats, valve balls and all the associated parts you may need in order to refurbish or maintain your current unit.

You can find out more information on our company and what we do at www.airpumping.co.uk. We offer many more services, including repairs and call-outs, and also many deals across our websites, so please take a moment to stop by and say hello.